Middle-level farm?

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Middle-level farm?

Mensaje por Akreyic el Jue Jul 16, 2015 6:42 pm

So basically I'm kind of in that middle awkward stage. I definitely don't have a good enough deck to complete the game, but I can beat all the low level mages with not a whole lot of problem. I'm just wondering who I can farm to start getting some decent cards. At the moment my deck is built around Doom Dozer along with gladiator (beast warrior + dino I forget the name) and kind of red eyes b dragon. Essentially all my cards are from farming about 200 games on Joey.

Im just wondering who I can farm to up my deck a lot. Like in FM 1 it was the Meadow Mage, is there anyone comparable like that in FM 2? Im not ready to farm pegasus or kaiba or anything since I win like 1/5 duels.
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