Yu-Gi-Oh! Mod Beta question [ENGLISH].

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Mod Beta question [ENGLISH].

Mensaje por WhiteLion el Mar Mayo 24, 2016 2:30 pm

I'm sorry but that is as far as my Spanish goes. I'm an avid Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories player, playing the game since early 2000s on my old PSX. After being able to finish the game multiple times using the traditional 3 MBD + Megamorph formula, I started looking over the internet how to get the good cards. That's when I found out that the traditional game does not offer a proper way of achieving a bunch a cards (82 total). I started looking for modded versions in order to properly finish the game, and the version that has caught my attention mostly is the "Mod Beta - Update 2" version. The problem is that most of the download links for this version are broken (if not all of them). After doing some brutal research I was able to reach you guys and download the Mod Beta that is pointed out in the fixed topics. Unfortunely I'm not sure that the version I downloaded is a modded version or simply the standard version. That's because I barely see any difference between them both, the Winning Stage doesn't look darker at all, and i'm afraid I end up losing time that I could've spent playing Mod 13 or something more assuring. I want to know if any of you guys can confirm that the version of Mod Beta update 2 that is avaliable for download is the actual modded version or just a standard one. Also, can I use Saves from a standard version in the mod, or will that affect the mod working? I'm currently using an emulator since I no longer own a PSX. Thank you guys so much for your attention and time and I'll be waiting an answer. Muchas Gracias por la atencion.

TL;DR: Can anyone confirm that Mod Beta - Update 2 avaliable in Sebastianbe video, is the actual modded version? Also, can I use a saved game from a Standard (Non-modded) version into a Modded version without compromising the Mod's function?

Thank You!
Muchas Gracías!
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Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! Mod Beta question [ENGLISH].

Mensaje por airton_gm el Mar Mayo 24, 2016 6:46 pm

see this, see the Results of win screen:

(mod beta)

(Original Game)

and... you can use the same memory card to all versions (beta, 13, 11, original game) without problems. cheers

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